Channel Youtube by Les Productions Soleil

On the Youtube page you can watch several videos. Generally speaking, ordinary people are portrayed. The first short film of Les Productions Soleil was "Bluesman" a harmonica player in the Parisian subway. His everyday life and his worklife. The regulars he meets in the corridors of the subway. Those who go to work and while passing by him give him some change. Also his friends who love his music and dance to the sound of his harmonica. This short film represents a full day in the life of this musician.

Then you can also see a mini series "The adventures of Ti Malice and Bouki". These well known characters o are part of Haitian folklore and are beloved by all. From an early age, Haitian children in school learn to read with these two protagonists and are impregnated with the culture and personality of Ti Malice the wily and Bouki the fool. A must watch...

The video clip "rendevou chanpet" by the Tropicana Orchestra of Haiti shows a very popular summer time in Haiti, which are the rural festivals. Rendez vous of all the Haitian diaspora as well as residents of Haiti who leave the capital and head to the provinces. It is the moment when several street orchestras come and make the onlookers dance while they are intoxicated by the taste of rum and clerin and a troubadour sound. The Tropicana Orchestra is the major Haitian musical group for this event.

In its advertisements the company Les Productions Soleil particularly appreciates women's round posteriors. This is quite common in Haitian women. We see her dancing and putting forward her posterior. There is also an advertisement for a detergent. As you know most of these ads often use washing machines as main characters. Les Productions Soleil wanted to differentiate itself and used another approach. That is, the main washer meets a mechanic with dirty clothes and then throws a handful of detergent on him, a magic light appears and the mechanic becomes all clean. There's also another character who is dirty. All these advertisements of Les Productions Soleil have had success in the Haitian market due to its comedic effect.

Facebook page and twitter account

The facebook page and twitter account of Les Productions Soleil is a magazine that shares articles from other newspapers available on the web. There are articles that are interesting to the company that in return shares it with its public. Most often, these articles are about economics, culture, environment, unusual, music, art, video clip as well as politics.

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You will find pictures of course. The company pictures as well as pictures of the news.